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                      Welcome: Nantong Double Great Textile Co.,LTD
                      Language: Chinese ∷  English

                      ABOUT US

                      about us

                      Nantong Double Great Textile Co.,LTD is a technical yarn company which is working on spinning,yarn and trade.And there are 150,000 spindles and 1,200 staff in our company.Since we were founded forty years ago,we have been concentrating on specialisation,variation,customization and excellence.And that’s why we can keep profiting for forty years. Our products include various kinds of Cotton,Polyester,Viscose,Acrylic,Nylon,Tencel,100% pure modal,blended yarn,Coolmax,Yilon,Graphene Nylon,Biological fiber and so on.Ring Spinning,Siro Spinning,Wool,Compact Spinning,Compact and Siro Spinning are four functional yarn we can offeer.The quality of our yarn is in...

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